About Us

    Tenacious Brands, Inc. is the result of a lifetime being involved in the production of promotional products (promos.) Richard Wilens founded TenaciousB after more than 20 years working in the Promotional Products industry. Prior to his first job, working in a factory responsible for printing promos, he learned from his dad, industry veteran and raconteur, Don Wilens.

A proud graduate of Michigan State University, majoring in Advertising, Rich knew his future was in helping build other businesses. He strives each day to help his clients reach their marketing goals using the right promos.

As the state of business is quickly running from personal contact (voicemail will soon go the way of the fax machine), Rich believes he is most effective when dealing directly with his customers. Being mildly old school is hugely beneficial. A few minutes conversing here and there allows him to learn more about your business and goals than a blurb on a business listing website.

The options available for anyone looking to purchase promos are abundant. When seeking a partner you will quickly see big fancy E-tailer sites with flashy iconography promising value and uniqueness. The problem is...everyone is offered the same thing. You need to differentiate your business from everyone else.

No algorithm can match Rich's creativity and 23+ years of experience.

When Rich isn't having fun with work he spends his time with family. His wife, Carrie, has dedicated her life to helping others. His two sons, when not eating him out of house and home, make him smile many times each day. Rich's 3 nieces and 3 nephews are a constant source of pride.

Rich is an avid volleyball player (despite the lack of a vertical jump) loves playing softball, basketball, and wallyball. Given the opportunity, he loves to listen to all sorts of live music with family and friends.

Rich's niece, Ellie, coined a phrase several years ago we use as a mantra, "Have fun. Eat cake." 






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