Connecting businesses with people on intellectual and visceral levels

Building brands is a true team effort. Promotional products (swag, ad specialties, premiums, etc) only work if you provide quality service and value to the people you serve. Part of TenaciousB's job is to help your customers or prospects remember the great feelings induced from working or interacting with your business. The first building block for your brand is always great service. If you couple your superior product and service with thoughtful, sensible, sometimes whimsicle, (but always beautiful) promotional products your brand is off and running. TenaciousB puts your logo to work.

Each promotional product is a handshake for your brand. Tenacious Brands guides customers to products designed to make good first, second, third, and so on impressions. You want to engage people over and over again.  If you provide something slightly unexpected, in a good way, it builds the highly sought goodwill between you who whoever you are reaching. That goodwill is your brand getting stronger and it is created by being tenacious.

Tenacious Brands works with small businesses, not-for-profits, and big businesses alike. Everyone receives the very same detail rich, inquisitive, and fair treatment. In a time of texts, emails, and K-cups TenaciousB always makes time for a phone call, meeting, or pot of coffee to figure out how best to help you use promotional produts. Rush orders are not a problem, but you won't feel rushed when talking about how to best put your logo to work.

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